How To Change Gun In TDM PUBG Mobile After Update 0.16.0 | Unlock Guns in TDM

As you know that PUBG mobile 0.16.0 version has been launched and after that update, many things are changed in the game some changes are very good but some changes are very irritating for example the good thing is the new mode which is given in classic mode which is Winter mode this mode is very fantastic, in this mode you feel the winter atmosphere in Erangle map, many new Islands are given in this mode but the bad thing is in TDM they gives only one gun and we cannot change the gun when we are in the match but you can change the gun when you are in the lobby so in this tutorial I will tell you how you can change the gun in the lobby this method is very simple and you can change the gun very easily so simply follow these following steps

Steps for changing gun in TDM mode:

Step1: First of all, you have to go to the map section and select TDM mode after selecting that mode there is a loadout option is available so simply click on that loadout option. After clicking that the new page will open, in that page, you can see the gun and also show the attachments of the gun and the pistols and the melee weapons

Click on the main weapon then the new page will open in that page there are lots of guns available you can select anyone from that page but if the guns are locked that means you are not on the required level so for getting unlock all the guns you have to increase your Evo level. For increasing Evo level, you have to play the match in Evo grounds, for example, play TDM match Or play Zombie mods. When you are available will be increased then all the guns will unlock in TDM mode.

Step2: When the guns will unlock then simply click on that gun and click on equip button then the gun will be selected. Once you select the gun then every time when you play TDM that gun is available in the match

Now for getting attachments of the gun, you have to increase the level of that gun to increase the level you have to play the TDM match with that gun. When the level will increase of that gun then all the attachments will unlock and you can use those attachments in that gun. Again when you select the different gun then you have to increase the level of that gun because when you play with one gun then the level will increase only those gun by which you are playing. For more detailed information please watch our video.


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